The Psoas and Hip Flexor Pain


Hip Flexor Pain and tightness is an extremely  common condition. One of the deeper hip flexors is the Iliopsos, commonly referred to as the Psoas. The Psoas connects our lumbar vertebrae to the femur and is an extremely common contributor.

The Psoas can become chronically tight from sitting most of the day ~ think desk jobs or driving for extended hours. It can also become tight in overload of activity such as sit-ups, cycling and other weight training postures.

Tightness in the Psoas can lead to postural problems, causing it to shorten and therefore “pull” the lower vertebra forward and down towards the femur of the leg. This commonly leads to lordosis (overarching of the lower back).

This muscle contributes significantly to lower back, groin, hip and pelvic pain and I am often releasing it’s tension in my treatment of these conditions.

It is also significant to note the Psoas is often referred to as “our emotional core”, where latent emotions are stored. The release of the muscle is therefore said to not only relieve tension but potentially help clear old, harboured emotions.

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